Terms of Service

* Definitions

  • Service and hosting refers to the hosting service, web panel access, support service, and account access provided by dabberz.com and its affiliate providers.
  • You, yours, users and user refers to the one(s) agreeing to these dabberz.com Terms of Service and the legalities included with hosting servers, software, and all laws of governing bodies.
  • Us, we, our, ours, refers to dabberz.com the hosting and support provider.

* Payment Agreements

  • Billing occurs monthly, and may not be substituted for payments in terms less than 1 (one) month.
  • Payments sent in via Phone or Text Message includes an additional convenience charge of 20%. This is to help sustain the costs of using this method.
  • Australian servers or other server locations where bandwidth is limited may induce a 30% charge.
  • Refunds may only be rewarded within the first 7 (seven) days starting on the day of the server activation. If multiple servers are ordered, the date used is the date of the first created server.
  • All payments are dealt in United State Dollars (USD). Currency rates vary from time to time. All currency conversion rates are dealt with our payment processors.
  • Refunds to another currency are refunded at the value deemed at the time of purchase.
  • Refunds for domain names aren't allowed due to our registrar's terms.
  • Prices in servers may fluctuate. We will not refund the user for lowering of prices nor will we charge users for increase in prices. That is until the user's next billing cycle.
  • Upgrading slots or other features of a server requires instant payment after a quote is given of costs. Downgrading features will not be refunded. They will instead be added to the time active. This falls back to our 7 (seven) day refund policy.
  • Excessive unforeseen usage of dabberz.com services may result in surcharges based on overuse, i.e. bandwidth usage, or attacks on dabberz.com services.

* Support

  • Support is issued on a first come first served basis. While times should be no longer than 24 (twenty-four) hours to respond to a support ticket, it may take longer due to the amount of tickets to be answered.
  • Abuse of support may result in the loss of tickets, and possibly account. Please see "Accounts:" for further information on cancelled accounts.
  • We reserve the right to deny assistance with a user's server if the need of assistance outweighs the scope of the assistor's knowledge, if the assistor helping the user with the problem will deteriorate the quality of other users' support.
  • We also reserve the right to support users with technical questions, including but not limited to, scripting help, Linux help, and setup help. All servers are created working. If your server is not acting correctly at default settings, the user is deemed support until the issue is resolved.

* Server

  • By purchasing your server you agree that it will not be used for illegal purposes, which include, but aren't limited to, hosting child pornography, hosting warez or virus, Distributed denial of service (DDoS), Denial of services (DOS), or methods of affecting other uses hosted on the server.
  • Further Defining methods of affecting other users on the server: This means that you may not intentionally, or unintentionally interfere with other user files, use more than your fair use of server resources or become intrusive on server quality.
  • The fair use policy is deemed on the opinion of majority vote (51%) of dabberz.com staff. Upon us deciding a user is impeding on the fair use policy, your server, and possibly account may be suspended and removed.
  • We are not responsible for keeping backups. Lost files are not our responsibility, and will not be held liable for them.
  • We will compensate for downtime if downtime exists for more than 10 (ten) hours within a month.
  • We will do our best to maintain uptime however accidents and other events may occur which will prevent us from maintain uptime.
  • All files hosted on your server must be related to the server in itself (i.e. Script files, user database files). If we find any file we deem not related to the server you will be notified to remove it. If no action is taken, the file may be taken down or further action may be taken, including but not limited to: server or account suspension, reports to authorities.
  • A server suspension occurs upon failure to comply with our Terms of Service (ToS). A server suspension may lead to the contact of authorities to resolve matters caused by the server. Account suspensions result in the service being shut down, and removing the user from access. Deletion of files will result in 2 (two) days or less from server deactivation. We are not required to preserve files for suspended servers. Refunds will not be rewarded for suspended servers.
  • A server suspension may be revoked within the 2 (two) day grace period with majority vote (51%) of dabberz.com staff.
  • You may not alter values of servers to allow you to use or have what you have not paid for. I.e. changing slots larger than what you paid for.

* Accounts

  • By registering on dabberz.com you agree that all information submitted is factual and up to date to your knowledge. Any false information, non-updated information may result in account suspension.
  • We will not sell or give away your information with the exception of requests sent from government or legal authority figures for purely legal matters.
  • Dabberz.com strives to comply with all laws and country regulations.
  • Account suspensions occur upon failure to comply with our Terms of Service (ToS). An account will be deleted within 2 (two) days upon suspension, including all services provided by dabberz.com and its affiliates. Refunds will not be given.
  • Accounts are free, meaning anyone may acquire one.

* General

  • By owning an account, and using our services, you agree to these terms and the terms set previous from usage and all future revisions of terms.
  • We are not required to notify you of Terms of Service (ToS) revisions.
  • You agree that all services provide by dabberz.com are belong to and are owned by dabberz.com. The files uploaded by the user however, and those that come default with each server belong to each respective creator.
  • You agree to abide by the Terms of Service and license agreements of all of our services, such as the terms set forth by the Linux License.
  • We will notify you upon any updates that may impact your server in any way shape or form. You will be notified at least 1 (one) week prior to the changes.
  • Should, for any reason dabberz.com close down, we are not required to refund for the remaining terms paid for by the user unless the time is within our refund policy (7 (seven) days).
  • You are not to abuse bugs or security holes in dabberz.com's Website, Control Panels, or the servers owned by dabberz.com or its affiliated providers. Taking advantage of such bugs or security holes WILL result in suspension of account and services without refund or compensation. If abuse is excessive, deemed by majority vote (51%) of dabberz.com staff, legal actions will pursue.
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